“Do you know tinker in Photoshop?” By Edgallo 

We talked so much what’s design? … but after all, what is Graphic Design? Is it to make logos? You know tinker in Photoshop? Is it be an artist? Yes and no. 

In my view, Graphic Design is the process of communicating visually using text and images to a presentation of information. The practice of Graphic Design involves a range of cognitive skills, aesthetics and typography skills, visual arts and page layout. Like other forms of design, Graphic Design generally refers to the process (designing) by which the communication is created and products (designs) which are generated.

Graphic Design has existed since man began making cave paintings; first on stone walls or dry land. Many of my friends believe that a Graphic Designer works in a very crazy office, with a laptop in one hand and a ping-pong racket in the other. That would be what you would see on TV. In fact, a Graphic Designer working for a bunch of different companies, organizations and peoples we call clients. Each of these mentioned need to communicate a certain message to certain people we call target audience fornecer these solutions creating visual things such as posters, logos, book covers and more. But as technology always changes, so does the “stuff” that Graphic Designers create. Today, Graphic Designers are also creating websites, animations (Example: TV show titles) and more. Gosh!!!! even the term “Graphic Designer” is becoming obsolete because of new technologies.

"Graphic Design is any form of artistic visual representation"

The Graphic Designer work haunts you in your dreams and forcibly robs your body important nutrients and this power then transforms into lines, shapes, textures, colors turning them into beautiful works of art. If you want to find out what really is Graphic Design, try to look directly into the sun and when you lose your vision, you have your answer.

“In short, a Graphic Designer needs to be interdisciplinary: We need to know everything from how it is paper made as to the hamburger is prepared. A Graphic Designer can work in all areas, therefore, they have to get a sense of all these areas. An ignorant designer is like an economist who does not know how to count. The job of a Graphic Designer comes down to solve communication problems: is tell something intelligible form a right audience using images, types, colors, etc. It can be applied in any media, whether printed on paper, packaging, screen, animation, etc.

Some people say: a Graphic Designer is not an artist! but they act as one and they passing feelings in the work and capturing the attention of the audience for your message.

Just like any artist. It is even safe to say that [almost] all you see is graphic design.

Edgallo is a Graphic Design with Photographer and Motion Graphic Skills. gallo.edson@gmail.com