My history in the world of design begins when I was 9 years old at that time I have entertained myself drawing my own comics, was in this moment I realized that I needed to read more about adventures and heroic characters not just for improving my storyboards but for expanding my knowledge. 

Between 10 and 11 years old I started reading everything I could about Greek heroes and their epics adventures. When I turned 14 I got a birthday gift, was my first computer a MacBook first generation with some editing programs as the extinct freehand and the modern (in that time) IMOVE.

After that, I was directed by my family to study more deeply the graphic design concepts in one of the most renowned art schools in Sao Paulo Brazil. Of course, as all Designers I also started studying Web Design, the codes do not excite me too much, but the Internet in Brazil was in his first steps and I saw an opportunity to be part of this digital bubble.

From this moment my artistic streak began to emerge, arts, music, theater, video production everything was related to creativity I started feeding me to become a real professional of the Graphic Arts. I start Collected magazines of design and cinema, and all advertisements that came in my hand, like flyers, cards, newspapers etc. I had a box with more than 400 pieces of advertisements that I had found on the streets.

After 1 year of study in the Brazilian Academy of Arts (ABRA), my works have already begun, I made logos and flyers to the shops the neighborhood, at school, to friends and family. It was when I had my first opportunity in an agency of Print in the downtown of Sao Paulo, where I understood that only inspiration was not enough, a lot of sweating to meet all the deadlines in time was needed.

Shortly after I received the opportunity to move to the US with my family I saw in the United States an opportunity to improve my knowledge and expand my skills in other areas such as video production, where I fell in love.

ALMOST 10 YEARS LATER I HAVE IN MY PORTFOLIO MANY JOBS WITH advertising agencies and as a freelancer in some companies as zulily,, and Valve. They brought me an opportunity to choose the place of my dreams to be able to live in, Los Angeles.

I had resided in the city for three years for my studies in post-production, but did not feel ready for the competitive California market and returning to near my family in Seattle. But after three years of my return to the city of Microsoft, my professional capacity increased at a competitive level, where I feel able to not only achieve expectations in the quality of work but also in the demanding targets to be met on time. And I find myself in a rewarding moment where I feel prepared to face any kind of creative challenge that I can find.

Edgallo is a Web/Graphic Design with Photographer and Motion Graphic Skills.